Market Covid Safe Event Plan

The Worker’s Hut Exhibition & Market 23 January 2021 – COVID Safe Plan

Last updated: Thursday 21 January 2021

Prepared by: Kate de Beer

  1. Physical Distancing Measures

Staff and/or volunteers will be stationed at every entry point to monitor and control the flow and number of patrons in and out of the carparks and warehouse gallery space. Current COVID regulations allow one person per two square metres if using electronic record keeping, indoors and outdoors. 

We have planned to reduce congestion by spreading market stalls throughout 3 car parks and having entry/exit lanes marked to guide the flow of traffic in and out of those spaces. We will be using tables at every entry point to reinforce lanes. 

Market stall spaces have been measured out to ensure there is space for patrons and stall holders to practice physical distancing. Stall holders have been encouraged to use cashless transactions wherever possible. 

Where density limits have been reached, patrons will be encouraged to visit the numerous other businesses on Baines Crescent and return at a later time to avoid unnecessary queueing.

2. Good Hygiene Practices

Hand sanitiser made available at all entrances and throughout venue. Stall holders recommended to supply hand sanitiser at their stalls as an additional precaution. Posters demonstrating good hygiene and hand sanitiser practices displayed throughout venue. 

Staff, stall holders and volunteers have been reminded to not attend if feeling unwell, or under instructions to isolate or quarantine via email and COVID-Safe Plan. Patrons reminded via signage at sign in point, and throughout venue.

3. Record Keeping 

Electronic record keeping via QR code system is in place. Tables will be placed at the entrance to every carpark with multiple QR codes available to scan and sign in to ensure smooth and efficient flow of traffic and no bottle necking at entry and exit. Paper sign in option available at every entrance as a secondary option – pens supplied and sanitised regularly. Entry points will always be manned by staff/volunteers to ensure compliance with sign in procedure.

Records are kept as per DHS guidelines and can be supplied immediately should any patrons become unwell. 

4.Enclosed Spaces – Limits

Signage displaying density limits will be placed at the entrance to Warehouse Gallery space and to each carpark. Staff/volunteers to monitor patron numbers and manage flow of traffic in and out of venue.

5. Signage

DHS recommended signage as per list below at each public entry, at the entry to the indoor gallery space, and at additional points throughout the venue -

Density limit signage

Physical distancing signage

Good hygiene practices signage

6. Cleaning

High touch points have been identified and will be cleaned before the event and according to a predetermined schedule during the event in accordance with DHS recommendation. 

High touch points include: 

  • Pens at patron sign-in desks
  • Door handles to toilets, change rooms and kitchenette
  • Kettle, refrigerator door, dishwasher handle, sink tap in kitchenette
  • Benches, buttons and taps in toilets and kitchen
  • Outdoor tables

7. Transport - To & From Venue

Staff, volunteers and stall holders will be driving in private cars to the venue. 

Limited public transport in Torquay means there are limited options to arrive at the event via public transport. Parking is available on and off street along Baines Crescent and surrounding streets. Foot paths are available on both sides of Baines Crescent to manage foot traffic leading to/from the event. Where density limits have been reached, patrons will be encouraged to visit the numerous other businesses on Baines Crescent and return at a later time to avoid unnecessary queueing. 

8. Food & Beverage Sales & Service

There are 3 food/beverage stalls participating in the Worker’s Hut Market. All 3 stalls have been spread out and allocated extra space to ensure compliance with COVID safe DHS practices. The have been allocated spaces where they are not directly adjacent to non-food and beverage stalls to ensure there is adequate room to facilitate queueing with 1.5 spacing between patrons that does not cross other queues. Ground marking of 1.5M intervals will be measured out and marked during stall set up. 

Food/beverage vendors have been encouraged to use disposable serving ware and contactless payment to limit the touch points during service. The market is outdoors and well ventilated. 

Allocated seating has been provided for patrons with adequate space to ensure there is minimum 1.5m between seated groups, and 2m wide walkways to access seating. Tables will be cleaned and disinfected to start the day, and after every group of people leaves (before new groups take seats).

A copy of this COVID-safe plan has been made available to all staff, volunteers and market stall holders via email and shared electronic folder. A copy of this plan has also been made available to the public via website and Facebook page. 

Event Key Contacts: 

Kate de Beer, 0410 500 127

Rebecca Scott, 0418 554 537